Candy Dash

Candy Dash

Shoot bubbles, destroy more bubbles and collect stars to unlock more new worlds. Are you able to deal with this Facebook challenge?
Play a well-known and typical variation of a bubble shooter game but with some higher difficulty to have fun even longer. In the world of sweet things, you have a pile of various types and you use cannon to tear it all down. The destruction is based on the classic match-3 games so you are trying to place sweets from the cannon to their same kind. When you destroy the last bubble you continue into the next level.
There will appear stars as well and you have to collect them. Only when you have enough of them you can continue into the next world.

Various power ups are available and they help to shoot and aim but they are mostly pretty expensive to get, for real money. So just keep them for the worst moments.

Lives here don’t disappear when you lose, every game takes one. This makes the game more about waiting and if you haven’t enough of the start to move, you have to repeat some old levels. This can become a bit repetitive.

But what makes this game interesting is the next modes – survival and multiplayer. You need to unlock the first for the gained coins and you need energy here as well. The opponent will be found for your and the game takes place on a split screen. The winner is the player who cleans the whole place as first.

It’s generally well-made game but limits the players with the lives philosophy, they disappear pretty fast.

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Candy Dash Candy Dash Candy Dash Candy Dash Candy Dash

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