If you aren't in a mood for some activity, not even want to think too much and would like to play a bit at the Facebook, then try this game of colors. It is not difficult, it's handled with ease and you can quit at any time and you will not regret it one bit.
What is going on here? Well on the board are placed balls of different colors. Your task is to liquidate a group of three or more pieces of the same color. And as soon as possible. Inaction in this case doesn't repays much.

If by chance you can not find any group of identically colored balls, try to look for the flash symbol. Flash symbol ensures the detonation of a relatively wide area, and this usually means the game moves on, because at the place of former balls move new ones, which often creates new triads.

As I mentioned earlier, failure is punished here, because a long time do not take any action, you run away points. In the opposite case, ie when you crush one group after another, you'll get a high score, with which you can show off to your friends on the board. Who is better?

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