Funny plaything to help you get from your everyday worries and focus on the color cubes. Even so, you will dream about them! Watch carefully the playing area and time that passes by . Can you overcome yourself and break records?
At the beginning you have very little wall composed of bricks of different colors. Colors will change after some experience with the procedure, so it is certainly not surprising that in addition to traditional, such as red, green or blue, you will see purple, white, etc. The aim is to destroy all blocks, regardless of their color. How can this be achieved?

Magic number three will be of assist. If you see a group of at least three identical cubes, click on it. These blocks will disappear and above or beside will swarm, so you can open up more options for disposal. Only occasionally is the need to think before making a move. Remember that you only have limited time and points will count only for damaged blocks.

In the lower part will be slow to switch the new additions. After many turns, it rises on the wall. Keep in mind that this can not get to the top. You will need assist of the bomb. Whether black, which will operate on a limited stretch of wall board and the color, which destroyed all the blocks of identical color.

Once the level ends, the game will tell you how many points you have earned. This also can show off to your friends. You'll also see if you broke the record. Compete with your friends, who will tear down most walls and indulge your perfection.

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