Color Balls

Color Balls

You would not believe what you can do with colors and how they can be confusing. You can just take a different background color and font color written. Can you realize the speed, whether the information is written to the background color of the background is true? This will be your task here.
If you think that it is a pun for the heiress. Maybe so, but try yourself if you paint not be wrong and you do what you would in other circumstances, especially when other combinations you have never done before. You select poorly.

On the game desktop is initially a couple later actually a large number of balls that rotate and move differently here and there. On each ball is written in English color coding. For those who can not understand English and would like to play this pun, I will show the importance of:

Red - Red ball

Blue - Blue ball

Orange - Orange ball

Yellow - Yellow ball

Green - Green ball

Black - Black ball

White - White ball

Purple - purple (violet) ball

Your task is to click always on the ball, which is labeled correctly. So if the ball on the floor is black with a blue heading Black, you can still click on it, because even though it is labeled in blue color, the writting indicates the correct color. However, if you see a purple ball, and it is written in the same color Red, try to avoid it, because this is a bad combination.

Although it might seem, as everything is simple, I believe that this pun enjoy a lot of great players just because they want to verify whether they think mistake or not. Has nice graphics, unfortunately, is not sounding. But it's a very nice entertainment when you need to employ the mind.

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Color Balls Color Balls Color Balls

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