Crystal Island

Crystal Island

Collect amulet pieces and enjoy this another fine match-3 game.
This type of game won’t get boring so we bring you another piece of matching madness. You can look forward for the typical game world where you have to move jewels and match them with the same types. You have to get rid of them so you can move pieces of an amulet down and progress into the next round. There is limited number of moves so you have to think and plan your progress in each level. Matching more than three things give you special stone with explosive effect. This helps for sure.
Power ups appear as well and they can be used for special coins. They are given as reward by beating certain part of the game.
More and more obstacles will appear, for example locked diamonds and you have to set the free before they can be moved. It’s generally nothing new but the game is a pretty solid standard for any fan.

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Crystal Island Crystal Island Crystal Island Crystal Island Crystal Island

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