Diamond Digger Saga

Diamond Digger Saga

Dig through the diamonds, collect needed items and don’t waste all the limited moves. It’s addictive and entertaining game from the authors of Candy Crush Saga.
As always, this type of game gives you special places filled with objects and you have to use a special drills to get rid of same colored groups of diamonds. Every destroyed piece will destroy a soil blocking a stream of water and if it reaches the bottom you continue into the next chamber or room.

With this activity you get points as well. Enough points is one criteria to finish the level. Sometimes you have to collect ducks and more stuff to be let further. You have limited number of moves so you have to plan, watch and observe which group of diamonds should be put away sooner than others. Some platforms can be destroyed only after hitting them more than once and of course there are various bonuses to make the game more interesting.

The best thing about this game is that it’s no relaxing fast paced game as most of games from competition. You need to think and don’t rush all you get into game over situations. This game is well-made and it’s clear that the Candy Crush Saga authors crated another great game.

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Diamond Digger Saga Diamond Digger Saga Diamond Digger Saga Diamond Digger Saga

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