Click and make disappear groups of jewels in this addictive casual game where you not only have good entertainment but the brain will be important as well in the world of childhood stories.
How is this mix possible? At first we have a very popular game principle. Jewels of various colors fall down and you are able to dismiss three of the same color, but they must be in vertical or horizontal line. If you get line of five you create a destructive bomb and for more bonuses you have to pay with money gained by successfully finished levels.

The logic part comes with every task and limited number of moves. For finishing a level you have to destroy certain number of diamonds and gaining enough points. Limited moves, obstacles and more push you into planning and counting every try.

The whole gameplay is filled with a bit fairytale motive, the worlds you unlock are from the famous stories, for example RedHood. We shouldn’t forget the stars as well. For every level you get some score and for certain number you get one or more stars. They are then used to unlock chests with keys which are necessary needed for the progress. Good recommendation is gaining the maximum of three stars in every level.

Everything together has the feeling of fun and you really get good entertainment with this title. The lives aren’t replenished too quickly but the fans of this style won’t be disappointed – the first levels are easy.

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