Fruit Planet

Fruit Planet

It looks like that the aliens have decided to take vitamins so they are going to collect many pieces of fruit. Here come an addictive match-3 game for Facebook.
There are various kinds of fruit all over the place and your task is to collect them according the list you have. Move them and try to create lines or groups of three, they then disappear and you get them. Doing this brings points as well which are needed for further progress. If you connect more than three same things you will get a special bonus. Then you can collect much more in one move and safe some tries. Yes, the number of click and moves is limited so things twice and ahead, create combos and use the multiplying bossts.

The make the game even more difficult there are obstacles in the game area. Some squares prevent the fruits to move, some are hidden and you have to destroy them. Many levels and rich players base give this game chance into the future. Each level has its own challenge so have fun.

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Fruit Planet Fruit Planet Fruit Planet Fruit Planet Fruit Planet

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