Goo Deluxe

Goo Deluxe

Maybe you remember an excellent action thriller The Rock starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage and also peculiar deadly nerve gas in little spheres, which shouldn't fall to the ground. It is similar in this game. Can you match colors, which always melt together?

Usually each level contains tree colors. They stick together, but your task is to get rid off it form the game-board. How can you do it? You need to move them out in big clusters. At least a pair. If you try to steal just one, the sphere becomes toxic and may out you.

Find the largest group and click it. The group vanishes and everything above moves down. In this fashion you can secure fewer solitary spheres, at best not a single one remains. You may produce only four solitary spheres at maximum. Every time you dispose of the sphere a toxic substance mark appears. at right corner of the screen a tube with acid tracks how many more solitary spheres you can allow.

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Goo Deluxe Goo Deluxe Goo Deluxe

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