Jumping Arrows

Jumping Arrows

Do you like attention and speed? Then you are on the right address because you are going to have both of these. Simple game, where you play only by using arrows.
Do you remember Indiana Jones, trying to get a mask and to get to it he had to jump over special stones no letting the arrows to get him? In this game it is something similar. On start is a guy who needs to get into the goal. But without the darts but the danger is electricity.
No stones but arrows as I have said, up, down, right, and left. To move you must press the right arrow before him. It can be very tricky because you want to go up but you have to press the arrow for right and that lead to mistake.
The whole game the time is counted and the task is to get as far as possible in the shortest time. But no other filling of this game so it can get a bit stereotype later.

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Jumping Arrows Jumping Arrows Jumping Arrows

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