Mahjong is a very popular theme of computer games. We are inventing new and new versions, replacing its stones, etc. But I consider that the most beautiful ones are those that are left to the original images and symbols. In short, as it was invented.
As I have indicated, will be on the stones. The pyramid is built of stones. It is not always the same, may differ in shape. Importantly, however, that the stones are laid in layers, so it's clear that there must be rules on how to remove them from the pyramid, because empty space is what we aim for in the shortest time interval.

If you can not remember the exact rules of the game, then believe that you can not lose a stone, after which would also the pyramid collapsed. Therefore, it is always advisable to remove the stone from the edge, preferably on corners and top. Stone, which is surrounded by at least three other parties, may not take as well. Everything but the exercise and the eye that must be made to this fact used. The truth is that we are taking every pair. This means that you must always take the stones with the same symbol.

Several sets of images. In our case it will be a set of columns that represent numbers, a set of rings, flowers, Chinese symbols, letters and pictures of the characters. These types cannot be combined with each other. You cannot then combine the number two of circles and number two of pillars.

The advantage of this process is that you can easily put a duel with your friends or your friends to invite into the game. Mahjongg is so popular that you'll be surprised how many of your friends have been rushed into combat. Another plus is a hint in the Hint button, it will find a pair if you're really desperate and you're stuck.

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Mahjong Mahjong Mahjong

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