Mahjong Trails

Mahjong Trails

Come with Mahjong all around the world. Search the pieces with the same theme and progress to unlock new worlds, bonuses and themes or compete with your friends in the best score.
You will travel all the world and your task is always the same – get rid of all the stones by searching pairs. As the time limit goes you are clicking on the pieces that look or are the same. They are mostly put into various shapes and pictures and the rule that if you want to get to the bottom you should concentrate to the top and surrounding. When the game area is “clean” or you run out of time the results come. If you have collected enough points you don’t need to get all the pieces but more is better.
For the collected points you get experience and when leveling up you may unlock some new power ups or new area.
The shop is here for buying various motives and backgrounds. It’s not only for esthetic feeling because every layout gives you bonus points so you can get difficult theme for the

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Mahjong Trails Mahjong Trails Mahjong Trails Mahjong Trails Mahjong Trails

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