Monster Busters

Monster Busters

Match the monsters into the groups of the same kind and set your friends, gingerbreads, free. It’s a really cool match-3 game for Facebook.
And your adventure begins, face many and many colorful monsters and obstacles. The levels are set into different floors with challenges on each of them. The game are is full of monster in different colors and you have to move them and group to each other. If you match three or more of the same colors the pieces disappear and you are closer to your goal. It’s not only achieving enough points but you have to do some other tasks as well. For example there are ice blocks which need to be destroyed and set free the gingerbreads. If you match more than three you get special monster with special skills.
Each level gives you different challenge and you will face some bosses as well. That’s one aspect that distinguishes this game from the competition. Things and power ups that are mostly only for real money can be bought here for the in-game currency, and that’s only good. Monster Busters is classic match-3 game but it’s a bit better than other similar games.

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Monster Busters Monster Busters Monster Busters Monster Busters Monster Busters Monster Busters

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