Montezuma Blitz

Montezuma Blitz

Montezuma Blitz is a logic match-3 game where you experience fast tempo. Test your speed and logic thinking.
The match-3 style returns but this time, you are going to match variously colored runes. Just move them and find the same colors. What will you face? The time limit and different tasks which must be accomplished. To unlock all 120 levels you need to get enough points or collect certain orbs. Prepare for quick and fast work, creating combos and matching more than 3 things together. The side bar shows the score multiplayer and to be able to win the game you mustn’t stop playing at all.
The results are shown and compared with other players or your friends. For the gained orbs you can buy or upgrade some power ups. This game is really good fast game based on the good old match-3 principles and you can even play on your mobile phones. However, the optimization isn’t really so well-made and some displays may have problems covering the whole game area.

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Montezuma Blitz Montezuma Blitz Montezuma Blitz Montezuma Blitz Montezuma Blitz

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