Everyone has their favorite genre of games. Some revel shooters, others won't refuse a good arcade. Montris, as the name implies, is dedicated to all lovers of Tetris. So lovers of various shapes that fit into each other. Get the better of the computer also now?
Starting with a blank space is always the best option. There is no escape even in the first level, where the blocks will fall still relatively slow and nothing will make more difficult the situation, unlike the other levels. For those that play tetris first , let me explain, it is the responsibility of each player to compose various shapes together to form a continuous line. Once filled with a single row, it disappears. The goal is to outwit the computer and don't let it build a wall to the top.

If you can get over the initial level, expect a surprise. Although starting from scratch, do not start with a clean slate, as if a man waited, but the authors have prepared a great group, which you have to wade through. Each level has the initial wall arranged differently and more difficult always the manner for the player. Then the creation of a continuous series becomes a real challenge.

Excellent is that if you finish in any part of the game, you can return into it again without having to worry about losing your progress, or the points. The game remembers where you left off, so nothing prevents you from forming a new and new records. Of course there is comparison of results with friends, or a list of all participants.

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