MSN Games Hexic

MSN Games Hexic

Anagrams exist in many forms. Most of them, we make trio and this will not be exception . But everything is a little different than we're used to. Play this effortless play on words and see how much you could be inventive and tactical. How many levels will you afflict?
The playing surface is made up of hexagons of various colors. At the beginning the hexagons do not yet contain any pictures or ornaments, it comes up later. Your task is to create one set. However, no horizontal or vertical, or diagonal, but three, where one part is at the top and two directly below it, like a triangle.

If you manage such a piece, hexagons disappear and in their place the next move. How to form a trio? Your cursor will turn for a moment into the loop. Once you place this loop over the three, click. The three turns clockwise. Turn so long, until you reach the desired result. Then release the left mouse button.

Over time, the components will grow ornaments or more pictures. It may be a star, bomb, etc. Of course, they are not for nothing, but have you play both enjoyable and also bring more profit points. Therefore, try to form a trio with just these pictures. Transition levels will be clearly notified.

Trifle has nice graphics and the sound system, so its design can not be losing absolutely nothing. You may, however, after a long period of continuous eyes looking at the area composed of small shapes feel some eyestrain.

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MSN Games Hexic MSN Games Hexic MSN Games Hexic

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