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Do you often ask yourself how relates hummingbird to balloons? Answer to this torturing question is right here in this mini-game especially suitable for those, who don't like to think too much, have a competitive spirit and need to relax for a while. Don't bother looking for some deeper meaning, because you won't find it.
Hummingbird is the main character in the game, you control it just like common cursor arrow. Behold the playing area, where are located colored balloons. They are grouped into many shapes and forms, but you will be interested only in one thing. Whether a given color forms a contiguous group of at least three individuals.

If it is so, then you are already half-way to victory, because there is nothing easier than to take our hummingbird, roll over the group and click. Hummingbird with it's sharp beak pierces the balloons and their place takes next group of balloons. You have only sixty seconds to earn the highest possible score, it is therefore necessary to constantly find most effective and large groups.

If you are not satisfied with the score, do not worry, you can try as many times as you want. And then show off highest score to your friends on your bulletin board. Though be advised that very much likes to contact the players, who played even just one session, so do not be surprised when you find in-box their email message.

The game boasts a very nice idea, but from my point of view, it would need to be more graphically polished, because the colors are too weak and hummingbird acts too stiff. On the other hand, this is a nice game for children. It is controlled with ease and even the game mechanics is easy to grasp.

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