The wate- loving-animals are in danger thanks the oil spill. But one penguin is capable to take the situation into his “hands”.
This is match-3 game as we like and dislike. As one penguin you travel through level by level trying to clean the places from the oil spills by matching the stones.

The game world is split into various sets with increasing difficulty. The main content of the game is the already said matching fun. You know it – move the stones and create lines or group of three or more same stones. Getting bigger number means getting some nice bonuses. The special stones can be bought for money as well.

Obstacles are the oil, clean all the diamonds or squares, but there is more to overcome – robot octopuses are able to change color of the stones and the enemy is behind the limit of moves. It’s classic game but very entertaining.

Stars gained after every successful level are exchanged for keys to unlock your progress. The later phase of the game is quite difficult and gaining enough stars is complicated, don’t forget to thank the low number of moves. So think, plan and hope for some luck.

Match-3 principle and gaming is still for everyone and this game brings your fine content and entertainment. The number of games is limited by lives but they are replenished in a reasonable time.

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kolpi | 22.03.13 pm31 16:24

good game but don't play it on Facebook


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