Puffy Pop

Puffy Pop

Small Puffs are waiting for you. Combine them into three of the same kind in this classic match-3 game and have fun in many various levels.
The game are is really filled with these small creatures and you are trying to get rid of them by simply moving them. According the type of the level you will face a time limit, destructible fields and collecting points to progress into the next level. Besides the time the limitation can be in the number of moves.

If you create bigger group than three pieces you will create Puff with special effect making your fight easier.

You can even use some power-ups, for example you can increase the time limit or number of moves.

The game gives you unlimited number of lives in the first 24 hours so you can get really far. And because the beginning can be really simple you should enjoy this bonus.

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Puffy Pop Puffy Pop Puffy Pop Puffy Pop

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