This does not have with the pyramids too much in common, but there is definitely a lot of great music, nice graphics and many well-known Egyptian symbols. Goobox Take a stroll through the sights Orient and practice the mind with colorful stones.
On the game board are located square stones of various colors. Each color still bears the symbol for security, and so here you'll get the Egyptian Cross ankgh, jackal, Rao's eye and many other hieroglyphs. Your task will consist of putting those symbols together. How? Take each row or column and move them so as to create a trio of the same color / symbol.

Once you succeed, the trio is gone and its place attracts other stones. Often this can start a chain reaction, which is an advantage for you, because the longer the chain reaction, the more points earned. Unlike the other games of this type Pyramidz is quite different, namely, if you push a row/ column, you can only do one stone.

This is quite an obstacle, because you have to look for stones that you can put together close to each other, which is not always easy. If you do manage to get a cross group, a trio of vertical and horizontal stones, the game will recognize both. Four also recognizes the difference being that one piece of it in the game-board is left. Five is a very rare and because the stones can turn into a scarab.

The whole game has a time limit, so what really counts is the number of extraordinary success - fours give you more points, like fives. Once the game ends, you can try a new custom record and compare the points with friends.

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Pyramidz Pyramidz Pyramidz

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