Smoothie Swipe

Smoothie Swipe

Do you wish a fruit cocktail? Let’s take it to this Facebook match-3 game where the time and points matter.
So there are many types of fruit in the game area and by simple moving and matching the same types you get points. The longer and bigger groups you make the more points you get. You may say that this is nothing special but as the game progresses it gets more difficult with all the interesting quests. Sometimes you have to get rid of only one type of fruit or match certain number, or you have to beat the time limit.

If you fail you lose one life but they replenish over time. Remember you have only limited number of moves. So Smoothie Swipe doesn’t offer anything new in its genre but the fans will like it because it is still fund and entertaining.

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Smoothie Swipe Smoothie Swipe Smoothie Swipe

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