Super Crayon FB

Super Crayon FB

A bit unusual social game where you can invite your friends and compete. If you love drawing and love the adrenaline and tension in the metaphorical sense, try the Super Crayon. Can you paint out the area before they reach you vengeful aliens?
At the beginning the playing area or if you want a canvas is blank. Crayon is somewhere on the periphery and within the range of different-colored creatures. Your task is to paint out as much of the crayon without the line touching monsters, they cannot even be touched by our pencil. Should this happen, you loose lives. And aren't many of those initially.

During the game the difficulty quickly escalates. In addition to yellow creatures you see green or orange stars or octopus. They are particularly dangerous because they can move over painted area, which is twice as dangerous for the crayon as you lose the vigilance for this part of the screen.

You weren't at a disadvantage, however, the authors put into the game various bonuses and tricks. Example, you can catch the alarm, which all objects and monsters on the surface for a certain period of time stops, and you can work in peace. You will also collect fruit, for it you earn an Achievement. Sand clocks and angel wings there would be no exception, but you also had some surprises, I won't tell you what they are intended for.

The highlight is the tournament. Attention! To be able to participate in the tournament, you need a certain amount of money, usually the price is something around 75 gold. The best is if you invite a lot of friends, that you can still play with whom. Despite the fact that the authors give you the advantage. The same is true whether you make a so-called Bookmark, press the Like button or install a gamebar.

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Super Crayon FB Super Crayon FB Super Crayon FB Super Crayon FB Super Crayon FB

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