Super Gem Heroes

Super Gem Heroes

Gem Boy is a young boy who must grow up a bit faster. The fate gave him evil Bogeyman and took all his stuffed friends.
Super Gem Heroes is typical game from the world of match-3 style for Facebook. In every level you have to achieve some goal, mostly about points and to do so you have only limited number of moves and tires. You will move with objects which remind various sweets and as always match the same types. Matching more than 3 pieces will give you some nice bonuses. The more competitive players can join with their friends and compare achieved results giving space for some personal competitions. The further you get the higher the difficulty gets and it's nothing low at all, especially with the limited number of lives.

The lives are here for failed games. When you don't achieve the goal, you will lose one and until you have some hearts you can continue. But there are only 5 lives and their refill speed isn't fast at all. Friends may give you some or they can you send bonus bombs and other things which can help.

Super Gem Heroes bets on the explored grounds where aren't too many things to break or fail. The minimal innovation and average content isn't so bad at all in the end. And if you belong among the player who just want some match-3 fun you will be satisfied. Another nice thing is fine graphics and some extended content as the authors promise. If you need to kills some boredom and begin playing a game with many levels this is the right choice.

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Super Gem Heroes Super Gem Heroes Super Gem Heroes Super Gem Heroes Super Gem Heroes Super Gem Heroes

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Minecraft copy!!!!!! all report
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There are also 3 other disadvantages - city isn't very big, there are only 27 missions (28th is a free-ride mission) and we can use only 8 c...
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