Tasty Pop

Tasty Pop

Come and join us playing a games which is very similar to match-3 style. But don’t hope for any relax, you have to think in every move.
A cat, she loves cooking, is trying to help her friends to make a really cool cake according their wishes. Well, and you need some ingredients. And that’s this game about, all you need is to click on colorful squares. In every level you have a huge pile of them and you have to search for the same colored squares which are touching each other, so pairs are the minimum. But the best way to win the game is by destroying much bigger groups and think ahead what will happen when the square disappear. You need to collect the ingredients and get it to the pie, or earn enough points. The number of moves or click is limited so don’t rush but think hard. You need to plan or use some cool power ups.

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Tasty Pop Tasty Pop Tasty Pop Tasty Pop Tasty Pop Tasty Pop

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