Tetris Friends

Tetris Friends

The name of the game Tetris friends is no accident. You will find here all types of tetris games you can imagine. Do you want a championship in tetris? No problem.
After entering this world you can choose from the list whatever you like to play. Most of the games has the same principle. You find here classic tetris you know best but what is interesting you can play championship against other players that are online.
The goal of a championship is to collect as many lines as possible. For those who play the tetris for the frist time I will explain. You have to put different shaped bricks so well they fit together. After filling any line it disappear and you can continue.
Most of the games have so called shadow help, that means after any piece appears you will see a shadow down on the lines, it is very useful.
Most of the games has great music and sounds, sometimes you meet fantastic graphic too.

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Tetris Friends Tetris Friends Tetris Friends

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