Timeless Gems

Timeless Gems

Join Alice and her famous friend in their adventure and prepare for the right match-3 challenge. The game combines match-3 fun with a tabletop game.
Timeless Gems is a new member of logic games based on the popular match-3 system. This means that you have the whole place filled with various obje3cts and by moving them you match them so you create groups of the same kind. If you are successful the matched pieces disappear and if you put together more than 3, you get a special stone making the task you have to fulfill easy job. You have only limited number of moves or a time limit, so don’t be too slow but don’t rush as well. There is only one main task as collect enough potions, points or destroy all special stones and it can be joined by some secondary tasks as well. For successful levels you get coins and stars or you may unlock some new power ups.

The match-3 classic is made more interesting thanks the principles of a tabletop world. When you connect dices the fairy tale heroines start running all the place and will collect special items.

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Timeless Gems Timeless Gems Timeless Gems Timeless Gems Timeless Gems

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