Triple Town

Triple Town

Triple Town is one uncommon match-3-game. The principle is the same but with every next move you have to plan every step thanks gained points which are turned into building a small, cute town.
How does the core game system functions? The screen shows one fine landscape with several frees spots. These are then filled with objects travelling into your cursor. The thing must be put so you create three of the same kind and according the original you have to turn into the base. All things have gradual character.

The bottom is occupied by grass. The grass is turned into a bush, form bush you make tree, house, bigger house…. if you put together the same things. And that is the moment you use strategy and one huge load of thinking. You need enough space for your building so you mostly keep some three free spots so you want get yourself into a blind street. There is a moment of future when you have to keep in mind what spot will be still occupied when the trio turns into one thing.

For the higher leveled structure or building you get more money and points to climb in the players list so you can beat your friends.

With all the pleasant things as grass, trees and houses, you must count with the unpleasant subjects – bears. These beasts complicate the situation by their moves and so blocking free places. They can be destroyed by blocking them or a special robot which visits you from time to time.

The strategy is extended by the possibility to put an object aside and keep it for better/worse moments of the game.

When each game finishes you get some money according the types and number of houses you created. Use this economy to buy some needed item if you struggle for one or you will need if the future moves. The game has no energy but only moves and every grass, tree you put down drain one move. It refills fast enough but only to the limit of 75 and that’s small number of expert gamers. So you can buy 200 moves and continue. There is no problem to stop playing, leave and return back to the old game.

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Triple Town Triple Town Triple Town Triple Town Triple Town

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