Typing Maniac

Typing Maniac

Who has ever tried to type on machine will agree with me, that long nails are not suitable for this job. Even weak fingers are a drawback. Here you have a lot easier situation to deal with, because computer keyboard does not need such a strong blow.
Our secretary even transcribes books, so imagine how strong and agile her fingers must be to cope with rapid dictate of director. He will not treat you well. To help you a little bit, words will fall from above and you must type it, before it lands on a work desk, or typing machine. It gets more difficult in next levels.
First level is easy. Words are only four letter-long and fall slowly. So type slowly and do not bother with their numbers. The game tries to scare you by barrage of words, however it is only illusion, because you need to type only few of them to successfully complete the level.
When you are across the beginning, you can play bonuses in a form of books. You may think it as only more work, however these books are magical. You can obtain a book of fire, or book of ice. Both can help you in your endeavor. High levels are really tough, however it is still nice training for computer typists.

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Typing Maniac Typing Maniac Typing Maniac Typing Maniac Typing Maniac

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