Buddy Rush

Buddy Rush

Thus developed RPG genre games for Facebook aren't many, just so you would not miss this title. Become a representative of one of the ten classes and get into a big adventure with everything that comes from playing hero/heroine games you might expect.
Fill the missions and gain experience and enhance what we can. Let's get to it.

An integral part of the game is creation of your heroic ego. It involves choice of a name and class, each has its own specific characteristics and abilities. Then we find ourselves in a city where there are several active people.

The most interesting, and up to the fortieth level the only way to play and move on, is carrying out missions. Each one is different. Once you collect the fruit, the second time we protect the sheep from the raids of orcs, then again you try to escape from prison. In this event there are different specificities.

First of all, it's a different ranking in terms of experience, which you see before you start. Beyond it is an opportunity to bring as much as two co-players to delve into more complex missions, when you don't feel it solo. Colleagues in the fight are not necessarily your friends, the game offers a game of computer-controlled characters, so no worries.

Whether any content, you will always stand in the way of enemies. In an RPG style attack click on them and from mutual carvings emerges the winner, then it goes on ... The sympathetic is that if one of the rivals is destroyed, you go automatically to the next nearest enemy. So it offers a secure space for the use of healing potions and other assets that are stashed in the inventory.

Apropos inventory. What it is and can help you in battle, is your concern. What you put into it at the guy you give, it will be there too. Tutorial will offer easier in the city, moreover, not all great. Soon you will find the trader and the other game modes (but there is no access from the aforementioned level forty).

Let's go back to the tasks. The missions can be met frequently and I personally recommend it. Once the absolute completion of the assignment, you get a skill point. This serves to improve, surprisingly, a special attack, and therefore your attributes, such as defense, attack, the possibility of critical hit.

To prevent you from becoming a legendary hero of sixty level for a rainy afternoon, you are limited by endurance. It is divided into three parts, which implies that gradually, you can perform some action three times and then you wait. If you do not want to, of course, there is a vessel with the stamina for immediate refill. They, like other potions can either be bought (local currency as chips), or get it as a reward for the conquered mission.

On what I've seen on Facebook and the majority I played, this piece belongs to the absolute top. Is this the direction that the future of these games is rushing? I hope so.

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Buddy Rush Buddy Rush Buddy Rush Buddy Rush Buddy Rush

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