Enter the magical world of agile elves, brutal orcs, undead mysterious and versatile people. Let yourself be tempted by the magical atmosphere and experience the incredible adventure. Find an ally with whom you conquer every stronghold.
First of all, you choose the right race, which is rich in capabilities you require. Everyone cannot be a powerful orc, skilled elf or as sly as a man. Choose carefully, because your decisions can not just be taken back.

Now we may finally embark on a world of spectacular battles, which together have a centuries old conflict warring tribes. As stated above, we should obtain as quickly as possible allies who will help in distress.

If we long for the blood of the enemy, we must draw enough experience to achieve a higher level. Required experience offers whilst performing simple tasks. Always look first, if available, and then do it with flavor.

You do not run around in a cruel world unarmed? Quickly run to the armory and buy the proper equipment, which for us is to fight almost alone. Achieve a higher level, in turn, sell it and buy a new one.

Every job is a good sweat and run out your energy. Here you can buy it with real money or whether to wait a few minutes before we resume again.

Also in the fight nobody will save us. Either we suffer minor scratches here, else end up as food for the gulls. There's no use, do not expect to win the first battles. On the other hand, if the adversary gets beaten, you will take apart from gold also new experience.

We do not always fight. For saved pennies you can buy a farm, sawmill, blacksmithing or even archery. Every hour generates income into our pockets that we may save in the treasury.

Game-play is excellent, the environment very well to navigate through thanks to the transparency of icons.

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