This would expect few people on The Face-book. MMORPG with animals and without violence. It may be a dream come true for parents. Even you can now become a part of world full of love, peace and tranquility. However also competition and construction.
At first you may feel as The Alice in the Wonderland. Pick an animal for adoption and choose wisely. There are many options and each is distinctive and has a collar with its name. Go trough tutorial and some first quests, which are rather easy. When done you will be transported to a world of Faunasphere.
In The Faunasphere you can already meet friends and chat. The goal of this game is constant construction, however for this you need money. There are green balls and gold coins. The gold coins have higher value, though you will be grateful even for the green balls.
And now for the collar. You will use it to mine money from rocks and various stones. Look for the green light to find suitable spot. In the game you can also find store chains, where it is possible to buy various upgrades and many other things.
The Faunasphere is divided by portals into nice clean sections. The game offers totally different approach to the genre and welcomes all generation's creativity. Graphics at certain moments leaves you breathless, even it is only 2D. I recommend it for those, who like to socialize and grind at hard achievements.

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Faunasphere Faunasphere Faunasphere Faunasphere Faunasphere

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