Mafia Wars 2

Mafia Wars 2

Make some dirty money, spread your empire, liquidate the other players and show them who is the goodfella. Mafia Wars 2 from Zynga looks absolutely different than the first clicking original game. It looks good but friends are needed.
You start as a small thief starting his own mafia business and entering several missions, fights to earn enough money to build buildings and buy equipment. It sounds really good. Mafia Wars 2 is based on the same core of the cult clicking and original Mafia Wars. But the games where you have click too much aren’t so popular anymore the sequel contains more action. This is welcomed and it looks really good, from the first view.

The gameplay is mostly about the beginning on your home front where you build various buildings which generate money, supplies or energy for the different actions and tasks. The buildings can be upgraded and so you unlock new possibilities and weapons.

This takes us into the second important part which is about the street wars. You meet other players in a special location and there you fight with them. Winning is about combination of full health, higher level and powerful weapon.

The quests are interesting as well and their number is big, in moment. The whole quest system is confusing and you can see only fragment of them and that’s only good. Fulfilling part of them is possible only with the help of your friends and that can take some time before some good spirit clicks on the request. However, this unpleasant content isn’t only at quests but it’s part of very building which need.

The rewards for missions and fights are experience and money. The higher level unlock new things which appear in your inventory after they are bought. You can choose from weapon, dresses for higher protection and other important stuff. Various bonuses and attributes increase isn’t omitted.

Everything is about the energy. It’s refilled quite fast and there is not unique to get it as part of a reward.

When I see the original title Mafia Wars the content is absolutely the same. The boring clicking is changed for walking, building and visiting. It surely looks better and, thanks several location, the game has good visualization. The music and audio is well-made. But the biggest and distinct minus is the huge need of friends. Without them and their request clicking the game gets into long and boring periods and turns into the stereotype. The absence of friends can be solved by wallet and your money but that’s just Zynga’s way how to make money.

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