Enter the mysterious world full of hidden dangers. Wander with your avatar trough dark alleys. Search for your enemies waiting in the shadows. Fill missions, earn money and build your own kingdom, which will provide the perfect refuge.
First, choose one of predefined characters. There we get quite wide range of warriors both male and female sex. When you finally choose one of them, you can not change it later for another, so we should pick carefully.

Now we may finally enter into the kingdom of all vices. Here we begin to carry out dangerous missions, build your base and create a secret society of your most loyal. Where do we recruit them? Ask for assistance all your friends so that you distribute invitations. The larger group we will create, the more support we get in battles in which we participate.

We enter the battle with great anticipation, the desire for victory and valuable experience, which will allow a higher level. From the menu, you choose one opponent, which corresponds to our level. Maybe we suffer injury, but the experience gained and gold compensates us all.

On the other hand, if we don't succeed, we need to download and wait for another opportunity.

To correct a little reputation, throw yourselves to meet the missions, where in addition to experience and finance also received weapons, vehicles and other valuable items. With the task fever only holding us back is our own energy, which is rapidly disappearing. If you fall to zero, we have no other option than go to relax and recharge your batteries.

For saved money we may buy own estate, which becomes our refuge. If you save for the bigger it can sell for a decent price.

Gameplay is excellent, the fantasy is very fast to navigate. Graphics can not criticize anything, just a pity that it does not apply to music that does not appear here.

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