Declare war on all your enemies and with the help of loyal allies wipe them from the face of the earth. Grab your opportunity, and bursts into the opponents back. Do not forget the regular practice, where you get a lot of experience that was later applied in a merciless struggle.
Recruit up to the famous commander of elite troops before the are fleeing, even those which are most tough conspirators. Learn how to completely control your weapons and get good equipment, absolutely indispensable in the fight face to face.

Choose a representative who will represent you. You can select candidates from many countries, just choose the right one.

Once the deal with the primary peripeteia, begin actively working on your character, so as soon as possible cope to other players with whom shortly you will face.

Also you must not forget the issue of quality equipment, which will retain the crucial moments. Therefore, you shall stop at the nearest factory, where all arms make by hand.

If we feel a little weak after all, create your own clan, or to add an existing group.

On the battlefield only demonstrate your skills. Here that we encounter with many opponents, who will not save us anyway.

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