Animal Party

Animal Party

The fact that we keep a virtual pet, we've become accustomed, of course. On Face-book is just teeming with such games. But imagine if you get a pet from a completely different planet you want to get connection to him with you both enjoyed? Can you cope with various types and can be used to raise them?
In your garden or plantation grown strange, if you like, shrub, which bears the brown fruits. Reap them early, because you will need it. The game immediately sends you on a mission to get first pet. Journey on the planet, the game requires of you, place bait in the form of yellow balls, which you have gathered. Animals on this planet will be soon attracted and come running into net.

When you take them so much that it won't fit more into your inventory, go back home and Adopt a pet. Soon find out what are its living needs. They need to be fed regularly, put them on garden toys with which they can have fun, and finally it is necessary to build them a house. Attention! Each species has its own kind of business section in mall. Even in this game is incredibly charming and varied.

Finally, watch what tasks you got. Once you meet one, there is the second, and so it keeps passing away with it, that your pets will grow as your levels. Refine your garden variety of decorations, trade with acquired species and still find plenty of interesting possibilities, which abounds in game, you see that there will never be boredom.

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Animal Party Animal Party Animal Party Animal Party Animal Party

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