Bar Society

Bar Society

Being a bartender is nothing simple, and to be a good bartender is certainly much harder. But if you want to try what it is to keep the restaurant and bar, then you have the right address, because we will mix drinks while virtually fully develop your creativity in cultivation of our pub.
The greatest fun for the whole twist is that you can choose from your friends, who will be making bartender. Then, you can even rename and thing is done. The same is true about patrons, with the guests, of course, you are not choosing, but will come here your friends. And you will meet characters that bear the name of someone you have stored in the list.

During the game, of course, drinks make money and your goal is to move the restaurant up in the rankings. And you have to make it by the number of mixed drinks and also furniture and equipment. Click palette at the bottom of the screen and choose what you will like. Unfortunately most beautiful things are also the most expensive or you have to pay with facebook money, where you have a long wait.

Once a customer arrives, click on it and your waiter will serve it himself. Trifle has distinctive graphics and good sound system. Remember that the more expensive drinks you mix, the faster you will grow experience and you will be able to buy expensive equipment.

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Bar Society Bar Society Bar Society

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