Big Business

Big Business

Big Business, as the name implies, us transfers to your own world, where you issue a city with many shops, cafés, as well as residential houses, factories, etc. Do your business in various fields and expand the city, as much as possible. Who of your friends will have nicer streets?
Unlike other games of this type in this town it truly lives. And you know after a few levels. You can expect fires, accidents and other unforeseen events that you have to actively deal with. But more on that later.

First of all, put them under tutorial strategically important places, such as farm, mill, supermarket. This will ensure that the grain harvested on the farm will be processed in a mill and then transported directly to the store for you, it means you get amount of money. To make matters worse, the farm need to grow only one kind of ears, but you have a wide range of plants.

However, if you have a business move, you must ensure the garage where to park your car fleet for distribution. How many you will have is entirely up to you, the cars aren't too expensive, so it pays to buy more of them. Especially in the later level then when you want to drive out to more events at once. Big Business will always alert icon above the event that something happens. And we come to the already mentioned unusual incidents.

Here and there a fire breaks out or someone needs medical attention. For this a car isn't suitable. Fly a helicopter. Unfortunately you do not have it in your garage. Just click on the place where the accident occurred, and soon you will see how the helicopter extinguishes or run drugs.

Do not forget to build a sufficiently branched communication, which makes it easier to travel to the farm or mill or factory. The game has ensured that everything is perfectly connected, so the road is continuous, residential houses have walkways in accordance with the path, etc. In addition, it's essential to nurture the city by constant additions - trees, flowers, etc. Of course, not everything is available during the first level. The higher level, however you are, the better shops and amenities await you. For example, such an historic villa will be released until around the twentieth level. The bigger it is, however, the motivation for the players.

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Big Business Big Business Big Business Big Business Big Business

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