Do you like to spend a lot of time in nature for the noisy birds chirping cute? Do you bring to a voracious fledged creatures food and enjoy their presence? Bird Sanctuary is ideal for you. Not only that you tame birds here, but you must also ensure their health and cleanliness. Invite your friends for help, while you are away to get aviary cleaned.
Choose your first increment and let it into the aviary. It is relatively large and small birds are very easily lost in the branches of spreading trees. Get him more friends so that they formed a small flock. Every bird gets proper name and feed. Its needs swiftly find a single click on its feathers, so that you make an approximate picture of the subsequent feeding period, its health and time needed for full growth.

The more birds you purchase, the more time you need to clean the aviaries, especially when you forget to do the previous day. In this precarious situation will certainly offer a helping hand faithful friends, who obtain the birds for you. Surely you do not forget to repay with pretty trifles, which can be found in gifts section.

Barely swings over the initial levels, the money will just shall flow. Soon you do not just stay in one aviary, but surely you dare to expand your farming. Once you get more space, charges can begin to move at your will.

Game environment initially is a rather hollow, but just to reach higher levels and see the decorations items, which will certainly find some nice pieces that can fill the green area. It should also be noted that in addition to feeding birds and cleaning their quarters you do not find any other activities which you could perform with your pets.

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