Nowadays, everyone here owns a farm with animals and crops. But this time we will not work on the farm. Instead, we begin to grow beautiful flowers and sell them in bulk or bunch to the bouquets that we send to your friends.
Let's swoop on the empty little field, which first of all get rid of weeds, and then plant small seeds, from which one might grow beautiful flowers.

For seeds you'll go to a small building located next to our tiny garden. Here you will find some essentials, since for the others you do not achieve the height of your level. Even we do not have funds to spare, so it must be properly sweat and make some as soon as possible to save up.

After planting the seeds, we have to wait a while before germinate and turn into unrecognizable. Then finally we can harvest and store in the shed next to the garden.

Individual plants bind into the beautiful Puget, which we send to your friends, sure to please.

If you earn a little money, we can now trade for decorative items or a happy pet that special in our field yet deserted garden.

Gameplay is excellent, all items easy to find its clean layout. If we perhaps did not know something, we can rely on the help that helps with everything easily.

Bloom Town offers mainly very successful graphics and a nice melody that immediately draws us into action.

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