Welcome to the prehistoric kingdom, where it is swarming with dinosaurs. Build your own dinosaur settlement which would later become home to many rare prehistoric acquisitions. To the growing kingdom became secured, raptors fit for your own army, which is not afraid even T-Rex enemy. Catch the fish and rise mythic structures.
Convert a barren plain at a flourishing settlement, which will just revel all kinds of dinosaurs. In order to capture your first charge, it is first necessary to build proper housing, where it could grow into a dinosaur in a calm and strong creature.

You also need to obtain a secure source of livelihood, without which no kingdom can not possibly work. Fortunately, the rivers are full of fish and does not hurt to send a few volunteers, who are controlling fishing. Just give their intel, how to catch and may still be possible for some time to leave.

To build new sites, statues and upgrades need relatively large amounts of material. Which is initially scarce. There's no use, you need a lot of patience to finally bring all important buildings.

Fortunately for your growing settlement from time to time villainous predator attack led by the desire for easy prey. You must not let it defeat your work, so quickly send it under flowers. In the case of sweet victory you earn other valuable raw materials for own upgrades.

The game is quite static, and many upgrades you have to wait a long time due to considerable time delays necessary to either meet a certain section of a dinosaur training, or to build stronger structures.

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