Would you like something to worry about, but not even a hamster, guinea pig, or even any other furred animal or living creature, which would take too much work? Then take a virtual pet. And not just ordinary. Your creatures are unique personalities, but you'll see.
When you enter the game, you can choose your first monster. Menu is quite extensive and includes members of both male and female gender. A total of eight different characters to find. Each character is different and requires something else. One likes picking flowers, the other loves again, when can play with the stones, etc.

To them, not in their dream world feel lonely, they can take a variety of houses and sweatshops. Excellent thing is that these houses can be fitted inside as well. So you can get boxes, stoves, beds, couches, just about anything.

If you feel given space, upon which the creatures are located, tight, feel free to expand it, just remember your financial situation. Even if you have a fairly decent amount of money initially, your treasury is not bottomless. Alas it is a pun for long period of time. You can often visit your creatures and play, when click on them will appear palette of actions you can take. The more the better.

Apart from houses also buy various ornaments and decorations, trees, benches, even you can buy street lighting. To make your monsters have power, give them nutritious food. But beware - if you want to have all well fed, then observe the moment and especially where you put food, because after every bite all go together. And it would not have to get one. And believe me, it's a terrible sight to the crying little creature, which no one cares to give something to eat.

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