Farm Rescue

Farm Rescue

If you are a passionate fighter for the rights of animals, especially birds, then try this lovely and educational game, where you will take care of your flock nicely and still learn something about how things work on poultry holdings in the United States. Ensure that your wards don't miss anything.
Farm Rescue is a small protest against the conditions in which chickens are kept in U.S. factory farms. The game takes you through a quiz familiar with the situation, that is, in my view, quite severe.

Your task is to save as much as possible hens. There is a need to build them a chicken roost, provide food and drink, enough space for burrowing, etc. To do this, you need the money. Earn it easy. Click on a book on the left of the screen to see the questions and response options. Choose the one that you think is right and you'll see. If you make a good choice you get 100 gold, if you answer wrong, you do not receive anything. So it is possible earn a fortune. The questions are repeated over and over and soon you will remember the correct answers.

The larger hen-houses, means more hens. Each needs a lot of things. When you click on one of the birds, a list of what can you can do appears and also you can check the status of its health. It is necessary to buy food, water is simple you need to buy a pump. Apart from the items to fulfill basic needs of your wards you can also buy components that are making your environment. Trees, flower beds, etc.

The game is incredibly addictive. By simply earning money, you are trying to achieve the best possible items. Even so, this is the long haul and if you want to build a truly prosperous life center, you will come back to it every day.

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Farm Rescue Farm Rescue Farm Rescue Farm Rescue Farm Rescue

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