Fishing Paradise 3D

Fishing Paradise 3D

Let’s go fishing. Use your rod and catch your first fish to unlock new and buy new equipment. It’s a really cool fishing game.
At first choose the bait, get it into the water and after few seconds you have your first fish. Do this several times and choose from really wide variety for baits and equipment which are unlocked as you collect experience and fulfill quests, for example you have to catch certain number of fishes, some capital pieces or buy some special things.

The number of catches is limited by the energy but generally speaking the game doesn’t push you to the limits and the tempo is so well-set that you won’t feel the need to catch 150 fishes in the row.

Some monotonous feeling can be broken by time limited tournaments with the same principles as in the basic game. The only difference is that the whole weight of a catch is counted to your account.

The system of catching is pretty simple. When a fish gets the bait just keep holding the reel.

The game needs Unity software and this means that the game looks really nice. The whole feeling of the game is relaxing fun and that’s only good because that’s what the fishing games are about but you won’t avoid some stereotype. The fans of this style will appreciate for sure.

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Fishing Paradise 3D Fishing Paradise 3D Fishing Paradise 3D Fishing Paradise 3D Fishing Paradise 3D

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