We all know the feeling. After a long winter, we can not wait to go down after the sun to warm countries. Carefully prepared with a feeling of security, take a plane. But something unexpected happened, we have not even imagined in the darkest thoughts. Boing suddenly lost height and we barely get away from death. What can we do at a lonely place somewhere in the Amazon basin wilds?
In addition to your uppers really can not boast any equipment, the food and drink not to mention. We have to start to fully exploit the natural resources that are located all around. First, learn to make fire, build basic homes and cultivate fruit trees and other useful plants.

For every success we get not only a little gold, but most lack the experience that we will soon soar to a higher level. We need to ensure that also the level of individual buildings, parks and other proprieties, increased steadily. Soon would not have to meet our demand.

If we perhaps did not know the overgrown jungle is full of unprecedented events, we may simply refer at a tutorial that steps us through the basic game. Navigation is a bit weaker, but for a little while there certainly you get it right..

You also do not worry about that we might stay in the open forest abandoned. The company will make us annoying neurotic, who sees the world in black and its skeptical view is constantly giving out.

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