Gourmet Ranch

Gourmet Ranch

To work on a ranch is a dream job. At last you can let your farming skills grow. You venture on a small farm, which soon becomes to your picture. Beds made by your own hand will bear nice fruits. Then you can prepare cuisine to astonish your friends and customers. Do not forget about animals, which every proper farm has to have.
Lets roll up our sleeves and do it. Grow few basic plants and sell them or cook something delicious. Of course, your farm has a restaurant.
You will learn to cook few basic meals and serve them. You have to clean the kitchen afterwards. Clean it well to get experience.
Now comes poultry breeding. You can choose from tree varieties. Each differs a lot, so think first. Build pens for your animals.
Game-play is fine. It is very clear. If you get stuck, use help. Considering graphics it is very nice. You can survey happy animals, when they graze, or sleep in the pens. Bird singing makes you feel happy too.

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Gourmet Ranch Gourmet Ranch Gourmet Ranch

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