Create your farm and become the best farmer in the world! Turn barren land into fruitfull fields full of useful crops that will bring much joy. Plough soil, sow the seeds and take care of small farm animals . Collect experience and get unique items that will neighbors envy!
Our vision rests on a relatively large grassy area where there's a field . But if you really desire a large farm, in any case we can not remain sitting on hands, because we expect a lot of work .

First, we need to create a representative who will take care of all operations . It depends on our tastes, whether it will be a woman or man . Also, we may freely choose the look of your new characters .

There we get a wealth of facial shape, position of the eyes and nose, eyebrow trims, lip shape, hair color and other features which are sure to pick easy .

You must not forget that one important fact. Yet, if we determine a gender, change is possible only for the amount due, so we should really think about your selection .

Now we find ourselves in a small field, where already laughs at us many grown crops, it is just enough to harvest . The company makes us a little hen, whose constant cluck then surely would climb on the nerves . Once matures, we can still sell it and get rid of the resonant accompaniment . But then again we would have risked the farm will be something missing

Green Farm offers controls quite intuitively . If after all we did not know something , shall we turn for help, where we will certainly find everything needed.

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