Happy Farm 2

Happy Farm 2

If you want to relax and you do not really think about, try this farm. Choose your avatar, which will be an administrator and start playing. Awaiting you shopping, care for plants and animals, just country, it should be. Wonder up.
Avatar is offered in a relatively large amount, so do not worry that you don't have selection. There are here both boys and girls light or dark skin color. In short, pun, as it should be. Take an avatar and place it on the farm. A simple tutorial will explain everything in detail. Perhaps that is necessary to eradicate pests that love your corn, or the need to cultivate the land, otherwise desolate.

Besides the beds you have a pond yet. There are fish and you, of course, will benefit. Just as they grow up. Since beginning the game tried to relieve the situation, you own one adult fish. Arrange the catch, it repays. Furthermore, around the garden runs a pig. Excellent idea of pig-sticking inflame also the smaller eaters and meat lovers. Do not hesitate and quickly slice the pig. Meat is possible to trade.

If you meet all this, you will agree that the farm was sad, if not floating in the pond fishes, around run piggy, so you better set off into town, where many shops make excellent trade opportunities. You can buy virtually anything here, you need a variety of crops - seeds, fish and pork. Prices are reasonable, we could also say that very mild, so you do not suffer poverty.

A freak is a long track to play trough, crops ripen very slowly, and so it is with fish and livestock. They also need time to mature, and you had it the proper benefits. Expand farm and try to magnify it, as far as it goes. Invite friends and flaunt your accomplishments on the board.

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Happy Farm 2 Happy Farm 2 Happy Farm 2

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