Hollywood Tycoon

Hollywood Tycoon

What is it like in Hollywood, the studios where they make miracles? Build your own and see. Choose the appropriate location, make movies for them and cash in money for development. Place actor, choose a scenario, you are the senior manager, you can do everything you can think of.
First, it is necessary to build a studio that will serve you to shoot. Click on an open area and choose what kind of studio you want to build, whether it will be a western town, romantic retreats and such cemetery, which in turn is beneficial for creating horror. Studios are not necessarily complete, that they could shoot, you just need part of it.

When you're done, select the script. It is advisable to choose the scenario is right for the studio. Why not put Bond into romance or western town to the cemetery. Once you have chosen, select an actor. Attention! For each movie there are certain requirements. You observe. If there are a lot of stunts, choose the actors who have to specify it. What are the experts, you will see a brief description.

Once all this is done, start. The film will be shot really only a short time, do not worry that you have to leave your computer and look for other entertainment. When all is released, comes criticism. They are dependent on how you meet the criteria. According to earn money. Important aspect is the audience's favor. It is therefore necessary to press the Spin and hope you will luck wish. If the audience will enjoy the movie, you get extra money, if not, the money will be lost.

With every studio you can show off to friends on the board. Present your achievements in the game and pull the other. A freak is ridiculously extensive and will keep you entertained for a constant turnover of money and a risk that you experience.

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Hollywood Tycoon Hollywood Tycoon Hollywood Tycoon Hollywood Tycoon Hollywood Tycoon

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