Itty Bitty City

Itty Bitty City

And we will rebuild the houses and the streets fill up with new shops and boutiques. Can you do this in order, to align everything so it looks harmonious and original? The choice you have lots of types of houses and buildings earning money. Will you do it?
While some houses have been introduced, you will first need to fix it. Think that long have been here and have become dilapidated. Then you need to build new ones. Do not despair if you do not find too many kinds of houses to choose from at the beginning, over time, and most levels, this will change for the better. You also have many duties, say tasks.

The tasks are often simple, sometimes even more complicated. I must warn you before tutorial, which at times can be quite unreadable and a player may not fully understand what is expected from him/her. Try the armor of patience in such moments, it's possible.

Remember, when you build a house, you need a lot of trucks that will carry the material. Those do not have a surplus, so it is necessary to use it wisely and not to waste them. It does not have to become all done, now, immediately. Something will come with time. Respect, however, challenges that gives you the game, it tries to suggest an appropriate direction of travel.

You need a building that will earn money as well as family homes or apartment buildings. Of course, the higher the level, the more beautiful and larger buildings will become available . We find here many different stylistic styles. The exception won't be the buildings in the Greek, or Roman style. You will see a ranch, restaurants and patisseries. All to your heart's content, you can just choose.

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Itty Bitty City Itty Bitty City Itty Bitty City Itty Bitty City

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