Jungle Life

Jungle Life

Imagine you own a safari where you breed many kinds of animals. And those types are really nice exemplars. So make you jungle kingdom paradise and look after your animals as well as you can.
At first I have to prise the graphic, really nice and the creator have great sense of humor and any beast in is the work of MetroGames cute pet.

At first you have only few types but that can be improved very quickly. You buy tigers, squirrels or crocodiles and be sure they do not miss anything in the jungle. What to do? When you make them free feed them, they mostly ask for it in the way of comic bubble. After this they take care themselves but after some time you need to feed them again.

Because all are young the breeding is not good idea. You have to wait a bit until they are old enough. Good idea is to have male and female so when the animals are old enough you can sell them or breed more of the kind.

To make the are more beautiful you can decorate it with flowers or palms, at first the choose is limited but this improves after some time. So go on and remember keep guns at home.

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Jungle Life Jungle Life Jungle Life Jungle Life Jungle Life

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